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Our mission is to plant seeds of hope in women suffering from burnout and to teach them to be grounded in the power of Christ.

Burnout is a condition resulting from prolonged stress. It can happen to anyone. It doesn’t discriminate, and the number of roads leading to this exhausting condition is endless. We want to help, because we understand that living under the pressure of burnout can be crippling.

Our support system is designed to help any woman who is physically, emotionally, or spiritually exhausted. While our mission is not exclusive to any group of women, we do serve caregivers of special needs individuals frequently.

We help in two distinct ways, discipleship and hospitality. First, we meet with women face to face and lend a listening ear. By this, we can effectively know which tools to empower them with. Second, we offer our guest house as a place for women to stay and receive much needed respite care. We are donor supported, so no costs are passed onto our guests.