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Living in Faith During the Wait

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Writing this post has been on my calendar…long before the recent outburst of the coronavirus swept  across the world. While I meant for it to apply to any situation where you find yourself waiting for God’s divine intervention, I’d certainly say it applies to the seemingly frozen hands of time while the world is being quarantined and waiting for the coronavirus to fade away.

Whether your worries are fixed on the coronavirus or other things you’ve prayed about and are still awaiting a response…the underlying issue is keeping faith during the wait.

So what does that kind of faith look like?

Hebrews 11:1 describes faith as “the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” The rest of that chapter in Hebrews is commonly known as the faith “hall of fame” and narrates some examples of those who walked in great faith.

Many of them had to wait, just like you and me, and some of them died before seeing the promises of God fulfilled. Oh, don’t be alarmed! The promises did get fulfilled…just in the appointed time.

Faith Pleases God

You will learn from the faith hall of fame and Hebrews 11:6 that faith pleases God. Faith in Him, to be exact. In fact, it says that it is impossible to please God without it. With this faith, you will also learn that He rewards “those who diligently seek Him.” God is pleased by your intentional pursuit to have a relationship with Him…and believing Him at His word.

With this childlike faith, let’s look at His Word and explore what it looks like to run the great race of faith.

A Weight in The Great Race

Using the metaphor that life is a race, the writer of Hebrews illustrates in Hebrews 12:1 that we are to “lay aside every weight, and the sin which so easily ensnares us, and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us.”

Obviously, a runner can cover more ground if he’s not toting a bag of weights. But you ask, “What exactly are the weights?” Well, that may look different for every person. What is weighing you down at the moment? Is it a worry? Is it bad habit? A poor attitude?

The writer seems to put a double emphasis on the things that hinder your race. First, he addresses the unnecessary weight you may be carrying, but then he also addresses “the sin” that you need to get rid of. Are the unnecessary weights and the sin the same thing? Maybe…maybe not. I don’t know about you, but “the sin” that so easily traps me is fear! Yes, that is the one. And I’m sure for you as well, identifying the one is easy to do.

Your weights and temptation to sin may look different from mine, but the point is that we are to identify what that sin is and deal with it by releasing it to God in faith. Trust that he can and will deal with your heavy burden!

I know you can’t see how He will do that…or when…but if we could see it, touch it, hear it, etc. then it wouldn’t be called faith. Have faith with all the unknowns that a holy, loving, and capable God will do what’s best for you.

Once you drop the extra baggage, you will be able to run your race with endurance and faith that pleases God.

A Wait for the Perfect Time

Just drop the baggage and run the race…that simple, right?

You may be asking that question if your race seems longer than anticipated…like you signed-up for a 5k but surprisingly it’s more like running a grueling marathon in flip-flops with no cheerleaders on the sideline or refreshing shots of Gatorade at your disposal …and you have no idea where the finish line is? What if your knees begin to wobble and you’re really beginning to suck wind? Rest assured, you are not the only weary runner! Many have found themselves in the same situation!

Similar to the book of Hebrews, the book of Habakkuk also reinforces the importance of faith, especially in uncertain times and while waiting on an answer from God.

In Habakkuk 1:2 the prophet Habakkuk was overwhelmed and impatient with his struggle until he finally cried out to God, “How long?”

Can you identify with the prophet and his impatience? I can! If ever given a chance to hit the fast-forward button on my struggle, I’ll surely do it every single time! I mean, who likes to struggle? Who likes to wait? Seriously, I get grumpy and give the stink-eye for just spending a few extra minutes in the fast-food line! You bet I’ll hit fast-forward!

Despite our impatience, we know from Isaiah 55:8-9 that God is infinitely bigger than our human brains can comprehend. His thoughts and ways are much bigger than ours. We have to remember this when we consider that God allows certain things to happen. Just as important, we have to remember that He allows them to happen at a certain time.

After the prophet asked, “How long,” God responded in Habakkuk 1:5 by telling him to look, to watch, and to be astounded.

You’ll see that God basically told Habakkuk the same thing He told Isaiah, that He was divinely working on something much bigger than man could imagine. God knew that Habakkuk wouldn’t understand the reason for the wait if God literally drew a picture or spelled it out for him.

Have you ever seen Indian hieroglyphics? I have, and I had no clue what I was looking at! I’ve also seen the movie A Few Good Men and recall Jack Nicholson telling Tom Cruise that he couldn’t handle the truth. Yes, I reference those jokingly, but on a more serious note I’m sure there’s lots of things we couldn’t handle, or understand, if it were fully revealed to us.

Yes, God could give us a sketch or point-blank tell us what He’s doing…but there are some things He chooses not to disclose to us until the time is right…until He is ready. He is holy God, and the choice is His.

We work with what we’ve got and stick to what God told the prophet in Habakkuk 2:3… to continue waiting for the appointed time, and while waiting, “live by his faith.” (Habakkuk 2:4)

But, how? How is faith lived out while we wait for God?

Answers to the Test

We know that Habakkuk questioned God, “How long?” Habakkuk was frustrated. He knew God’s goodness and holiness, but he couldn’t pair that with how and why God seemed to let the wicked prevail. Do you wrestle with similar questions as there appears to be an imbalance with it all?

I can speak from my own experience with these questions, and what I eventually realized is that there is no imbalance. God is the perfect giver of faith, and faith is the key to enduring heavy circumstances. All the other questions have lesser importance because God is God. And I am not.

Seldom have I had the sense to make these connections while eye-ball deep in despair, but now I know. Now, I can stand confidently in current and future trials knowing that He loves me, He protects me, His divine purposes are at hand…and I won’t drown even though it seems the water is about to take over.

Please be at ease; the same assurances apply to you too!

Remember God often gives us the answers prior to the test? One of the clues is in Habakkuk 2:2 and is given before we are instructed to live by faith. For me, this clue helps tie it all together especially as we analyze the elements of our faith with a race metaphor. In this verse, the prophet was told to plainly record the vision (in writing)…the one set for an appointed time… so that “he may run who reads it.”

Unlike the old prophets, we have the Bible in writing…in its completion…to use as our guide. We have the recorded visions…the VICTORIOUS ENDING…so we can run through our trials with endurance and speed. What a gift!

Maybe you feel like Habakkuk and are struggling with the chaos and evil that surrounds. I encourage you to look at the prayer at the end of his book…it’s another clue to help you pass your test.

Habakkuk stated that even though many things seemed to be grim or failing, “I will joy in the God of my salvation. The Lord God is my strength; He will make my feet like deer’s feet, and He will make me walk on my high hills.” (Habakkuk 3:17-19)

Don’t miss the clue! God is the source of strength and perfecter of faith.

As a rural Mississippi resident, I see deer all the time. I know one thing is true; if I had to race a deer I’d lose! Admittedly, I’ve tried and they’re fast! Again, don’t miss the fact that God not only gives you strength to endure your race, but He also makes your feet like that of a deer. Deer run swiftly and without heavy baggage! That’s the kind of race you were meant to run…it’s in writing, so read it and run with it…you will win the race!

Again, God gives us the answers in writing so that we can run victoriously, even during the dreaded wait and no finish line in sight.

Cliff-Notes to Study

I’ll recap what God has revealed to us in simpler form…a cheat-sheet for your tests:

  1. What are you to do? Run your race with endurance.
  2. How do you endure? With faith.
  3. How do you have faith? God gives it to you by His strength.
  4. How does He strengthen you? He gives you His Spirit and His written Word.
  5. What happens when you read His Word and let the Spirit guide? You run like a deer…and you will win the race!

Dear friend, even if all the things you hope for don’t come true, you can still find joy in the God of your salvation. Remember, your salvation alone is reason enough to rejoice while we wait on other things to come to pass. It is the greatest gift we will ever receive, and not deserve! We ought to skip around the racetrack like goofy deer even if everything else in our life sours and heads south! It really is a matter of perspective.

I can’t say what is at the end of the wait with this whole coronavirus situation. I’m not a prophet. I know people are hurting and suffering. My heart goes out to them, and I don’t minimize any of their pain!  

But I can assure you that God is in control. He is good, and His plans are infinitely bigger than what we can comprehend. We may find ourselves wrestling with the same questions that Habakkuk asked and wondering if there is some sort of imbalance with it all.

Whatever it is…whatever God is doing…in the grand scheme of His great plan and looking past our immediate circumstance, I do believe the same response He gave Habakkuk applies today: Look…watch…and be astounded. Somehow it’ll all fit together, and it’ll be worth the wait.

I know it’s hard not to ask all the why’s and how long’s that hold us back, but as the writer of Hebrews instructed, let’s drop the weights and endure the race with His perfect faith! God will gladly give you strength and contentment in that process. Just ask Him.

If this post speaks to you and you feel it will help others in their uncertain times, please share it!

Also, I would love to read your comments about how you handle waiting, and I’d love for you to encourage others with God’s blessings revealed to you after your divinely appointed time to wait on Him!

Keeping faith in the race,

Andrea Gehrett

Bowl of Yellow M&Ms


Several years ago my husband and I were treated to a week’s stay at Wind River Ranch in Estes Park, Colorado just outside of Rocky Mountain National Park. Wind River Ranch is a Christian hospitality ministry. The week we visited was a week when the ranch rolled out the red carpet for a limited number of missionaries who needed respite care. We were a few of the lucky ones whose applications were accepted.

Upon arrival at the ranch, we were assigned our own private cabin with majestic views. We were fed three incredible meals each day. And if the amenities, views, and luxury dining weren’t enough to restore the weary soul, we were offered guidance by professional counselors, encouragement by staff, horseback riding, hiking, etc. Seriously, the list went on. 

But a week at the ranch wasn’t intended to just entertain us or keep us busy. Quite the opposite. We were encouraged to slow down. To just “be”. They were very intentional and did an amazing job on delivering thoughtful and unique touches that made our visit…personal.  We didn’t anticipate that the staff would know who we were, much less pray for us and write us notes as they refreshed our cabin daily. 

This visit to Wind River Ranch was divinely timed at a season in my life when not only did I need a respite break from burnout, but also at a time when seeds of the vision of The Power Plant had already been planted. Thoughts of it was already churning in my head and heart. 

With that said, I recall having a conversation one day when we chose to go hiking with one of the Wind River Ranch ministry leaders on a trail at the tip top of a peak. I was fumbling through the idea of this new adventure, The Power Plant, that at the time didn’t even have a name. But as we talked, I remember being in agreement with him that there just weren’t enough hospitality ministries out there. Of all the pastors, missionaries, and ministry leaders who endlessly and tirelessly give of themselves….who in return takes care of them??? It was a thought that resonated with me for quite some time. And in time, the question really became, “Who cares for the caregivers?”

As we wrapped up the week and shared our last group meal at the ranch, they told us a story. There was only one other week during the year when the ranch absorbed all costs and rolled out the red carpet for a group of deserving individuals, and that was a week set aside for wounded warriors.   

As the story began, they shared what wounded warrior week typically looked like, and described not only the battered bodies that stayed at the ranch, but more so the wounded hearts within. 

That story…would also resonate with me.

It went like this… 

One warrior was staying at the ranch, and just as the staff had done with us missionaries, they greeted him by name during the week and asked him personally how his stay at the ranch was. He had limbs missing and honestly, no doubt even bigger scars than those. He was hardened by his life experiences, and for whatever reason, he responded sharply to the staff person that his stay would be better if he had a bowl of yellow M&Ms sitting beside his bed. 

Maybe in his mind it was the impossible, or maybe sarcasm had simply become a way of life for him. I don’t know. But can you guess what the ranch staff did? That’s right. They drove into town and bought as many bags of M&Ms as they could and hand picked out every single yellow M&M to accommodate his unsuspecting wish.

We were told that through that single act of kindness and him finding a bowl of yellow M&Ms beside his bed, a hard heart had been softened. A tough man…broken. And it was through their hospitality that he realized someone truly saw him. Someone cared. Their act of kindness gave the platform needed for him to actually hear and receive the most important message of all…Jesus loves you, He sees you, and He does care.

I reflect on that story, because yesterday was the long-awaited ribbon cutting ceremony for The Power Plant’s guest house. Yes, it took about 13 months to get it renovated and ready to open, but just as God was preparing that warrior’s heart while ranch staff purposely picked out every yellow M&M, I know God has been using this time to prepare hearts of caregivers and other women in need. Women that simply need to be seen. To be encouraged. And to know that they matter.

I’ve been challenged over the past 13 months for making the renovation more complicated than it needed to be by adding details and touches to the guest house that I didn’t have to. Yes, I could have slapped a new coat of paint on the walls and called it “done” months ago, but part of the gift The Power Plant is giving to these women is the message, “You’re worth it.” 

You see, the guest house is a bowl of yellow M&Ms. And it’s through this act of kindness and attention to detail where a platform will be set, and someone will finally be able to receive a long-awaited message and find freedom from the weight that they carry.

I represent the Savior I serve…the same One who saw me and proved to me that I’m worth it by the scars on His hands…and as long as I am privileged to serve Him, I feel I have the responsibility to represent Him well. To serve with excellence. 

A new chapter in this journey has begun. 

A bowl of yellow M&Ms has been purposely prepared. Let’s eagerly anticipate the harvest of what He’s been working on in the wait!

Thank you for sharing this journey with me.

*To Rob and the staff at Wind River Ranch…thank you for inspiring me to continue forward with His work in hospitality and respite care. Job well done good and faithful servants! 

Hello Autumn

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Hello Autumn! The holiday spirit is in the air and soon to be upon us…Fall Break, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Christmas.

In the nonprofit world and somewhere sandwiched in between all of the ribbons, festivities, and chaos is a single day, the Tuesday after Thanksgiving, dedicated solely for charitable giving…it’s called Giving Tuesday. It’s on this day and at this time of year when nonprofits like The Power Plant make their last appeals towards your generosity….and the extra cash while you still have it!
Last year, we did not make a formal appeal to you for a year-end gift. This year we are asking if you would consider making a meaningful donation to The Power Plant…perhaps one equivalent in value to a couple of spiced lattes? Or one equivalent in value to those cute boots you’ve had your eye on? Maybe an amount even larger that you would like to spend…well, differently this year?

Whatever amount you can afford and are willing to give will be whole-heartedly received, and we guarantee it will be a worthy investment.  

Thank you for following us on this journey and supporting the work that we do. We are truly grateful.

Blessings and warmest greetings to you and your family!
Andrea Gehrett

No Passport Required

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Tropical paradise. This was the recent venue for my husband and I to disconnect alone in the sands of serenity for the first time since our honeymoon. I didn’t realize how much we needed the rest until we began our journey home and the weight of the world began to creep back onto our shoulders.

A struggle of the flesh arose, if you will, as I instantly missed my shaded palm and salty breeze. Desires to live in the lap of luxury toyed with my mind and fanned a dissatisfaction with in me. Thoughts of aborting mission, taking an easier career path, and aligning my professional credentials in exchange for extra zeros at the end of a paycheck poked at me like a sharp stick. After all, I really wanted to see that palm tree again….sooner than later.

Then came the reality check. My tropical fantasies actually only lasted about 0.2 seconds, because deeply rooted within who I am is this higher calling…an irrevocable mission…an invitation to join Jesus in His works and an appeal to be at peace with a lifestyle that doesn’t always fit the mold of our modern culture. It grounds me, and I know the mission He’s set before me is exactly where His power, presence, and grace will most manifest.

On our way home from the tropical paradise, I flipped through my passport. I sat in wonder thinking how blessed I’ve been to encourage others simply by being on mission with Him. Six different countries from the Amazonian jungles of Colombia to the former Soviet soils of Kyrgyzstan. These nations have been impacted, in some way, through missions He’s sent me on…ones you have supported.

I am now going on another mission trip, except this one will look different from the rest. I won’t get another stamp in my passport. Instead, I’ll be staying put. On this mission, I stand at the foot of a mountain, one primarily assigned to me. A mountain intended to prove to the world that it is, in fact, movable through the most unlikely vessel, me, because it’s in my weakness that He works His wonders. This mountain is called The Power Plant.

“Why is The Power Plant a mountain and why are you an unlikely vessel?” you might ask. Let me be completely honest and vulnerable with you for a second. To your question I would quickly respond that I often feel inadequate. Unqualified. Intimidated. It’s at this point in time that the guest house nears completion and I stare at the mountain. More boots-on-the-ground ministry will be taking place. More support and assistance will be offered to those in need. Yes, that’s the positive, warm, fuzzy-feeling side to this equation, but the other piece is life itself. It gets messy. People have traumas, addictions, and challenges that seem incomprehensible. Who am I to roll up my sleeves and attempt to climb this mountain? Just a simple believer who said yes. That’s all.

A week on the beach affirmed to me firsthand how significant my mission of encouragement, hospitality, and respite care is to the weary….to His beloved children. I hold to the fact that as Christians we are to be a living sacrifice (Romans 12:1) and are to surrender our very best. For me, The Power Plant guest house has been a sacrifice. It has been a labor of love and one with much attention to detail. Could I have finished it sooner and have done less work? Probably. But, the guest house in itself is a gift to those desperately needing an escape. If God gave His very best, Jesus, as a sacrifice on the cross then shouldn’t we give our very best as well? Shouldn’t we serve, give, and love with excellence

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. I’m a terrible fundraiser. I hate closing the deal and making the awkward direct ask, “Will you support me?” In it, I am vulnerable and keenly aware that my strengths lie in other areas besides fundraising. I’m a worker bee. That’s who I am. However, fundraising is a necessary part of being a 100% support-based missionary.

So, with full disclosure of my weakness, I have to shout from the rooftops and brag for a second, y’all. God did this! The beauty in me being a terrible fundraiser is that God provided. I can’t take credit for any of it!

·         The house was purchased when there was no way on paper that the loan should have been approved.

·         Rezoning requirements on the loan were ignored that could have prevented the purchase

·         The 20% down-payment was available when I had no idea where it would come from

·         Multiple times donors sent unsolicited gifts in weird amounts almost to the dollar of a major purchase I had made in faith during the renovation

·         New volunteers have sacrificed time and caught the vision

·         The total renovation has completely been paid for in cash

·         Plus…I haven’t missed any meals

Bottom line…God provides. Praise Him for that…that’s what The Power Plant is all about…resting in His strength.

Our mission at The Power Plant has only begun, and as the guest house is close to being opened, I stand at the foot of the mountain, and I’m asking you to grab your walking sticks and partner with me on this mission. Let’s serve with excellence and watch Him work the next miracle! It will be a story to tell. 

Grace and peace,
Andrea Gehrett

All in Time

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All in time. His time, not mine.

As far as the guest house project goes, I have to repeatedly remind myself of that fundamental truth as my natural racehorse tendency is to want to cross the finish line….like….yesterday.

Time seems to stand still as it relates to construction progress but break the sound barrier as it relates to neglected paperwork and administration. What a conundrum. Before I realized it, months had slipped by since my last update to you. Please forgive me.

As I compile photos and videos for you, I am reminded that much work really has been done. I have had lots of volunteers, and it’s been a gift seeing which hands show up next. Rest assured that ministry is already happening at that house…mostly in me! Life lessons in humility, dependence, courage, and grace stare me in the face.

Occasionally, I think of my missionary friends across the world in circumstances like those in the aftermath of cyclone devastation. The work they do never stops and in their down time, they bathe out of buckets and sleep under tarps in the African wilderness. After a glimpse into their world, I am tempted to think that my contribution isn’t that great. Oh, the comparison trap!

Is greatness really measured by the one who sweats and suffers more, or is it measured by the One who sees our hearts and the simple desire to honor Him in all that we do? Both contributions are great….my friends’ work in Africa and my work in the mid-South. Both are worthy, because He called each of us in the body of Christ to do different things.

“If the whole body were an eye, where would the hearing be? If the whole were hearing, where would the sense of smell be? But now God has placed the members, each one of them, in the body, just as He desired.” 1 Corinthians 12:17-18

I am grateful for the work I have been given. He knows it fills me up, but sometimes I sure do feel like the nose (i.e. my friends in Africa) have a smellier job than the part He has assigned to me…pun intended!

Once again, humility and dependence is met with grace. All that has been needed has been provided…in His time.

I am so thankful for all that has been done. I am so thankful for all the donors and all the volunteers. What beautiful servants’ hearts. I am thankful for the ministry that He has ordained for the guest house, ministry impact that has already begun. I am encouraged more than ever that this old jewel will shine sooner than later…in His time!

An enormous thank you for all who have played a part. May you also be filled and satisfied with the work He’s given you!


There are three different updates, so please watch them all!





Update: Phase 1 Completion

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Did you know that there are caregivers in our support group who didn’t have a single day off from their caregiving responsibilities in over 25 YEARS…until someone cared enough to change that?!

The stories are real. The people are real. And so is the struggle. That is why we are so passionate about getting our respite care guest house up and running as soon as possible. We have women on standby ready for a break!

See what we’ve accomplished so far, and how you can still join our cause. Please watch our video update.

Phase One of the structural and mechanical guest house renovations is essentially complete, and we are ready to begin Phase Two. Up until now we have done major repairs and upgrades to protect our investment. The next phase will be mostly cosmetic changes…the attractive part that catches most people’s attention!

If you didn’t get to join us in Phase One, it’s not to late to join us in Phase Two! We need YOU to help us meet our aggressive goal of completing the guest house by July 1, but we can’t do it without your contributions and without you sharing our posts with your church, friends, and family. Thank you in advance for your support!




manUnashamed…that’s the word that has powerfully resonated with me this week. Typically, I’m a faithful church-goer, not because I like to check-the-box and feel good about myself through regular attendance, but rather because I cherish God’s people and the value they add to my life through sound teaching and accountability.

I didn’t go to church this Sunday. I know the need for a Christian believer to settle into a church home, but I also recognize the liberties we’ve been given through the blood of Christ. Oftentimes, it’s when I’m outside the four walls of the church building and in the most random spots that God speaks most boldly to me. This Sunday was no different.

My husband has his own HVAC company and someone is always needing his services. Sunday I went with him as he ran a service call to work on someone’s heater and sat in the truck while he made his repairs. It wasn’t an affluent neighborhood and one I’ve heard several describe as sketchy. The houses are close together, yards generally unkept and littered with unexpected objects.

I noticed a man charge from a neighboring house. I couldn’t see his face, but he walked with fervor as if he were angry. I observed…had nothing else to do while I waited. He had something in his hand and walked rapidly out to the street light near the curb. Out of the box he took a piece of chalk and reached up as high as he could…on his tippy toes. He began to write. It was a concrete light pole with four flat distinct sides, so on each side he reached up high and wrote something until he reached the ground.

I wondered what the heck he was writing. In all of my negative-Nancy perceptions, I assumed he was writing something obscene or hateful. That was my judgmental stereotype of him based on the way he was dressed and from the looks of his yard. After all, I’ve heard it said that cleanliness is next to Godliness, right (said jokingly)? And his yard wasn’t that clean so I already had him pegged a certain way.

But when he got around to the final side of the pole facing me, I was ashamed and shocked with what I read. “Thank you Jesus.” And as he finished writing his message with urgency, he tucked his chalk back into the box, took off his coat, lit a cigarette, and sat in the nearby swing gazing off into distance.

About that time my husband emerged from the house and we were on our way. We had to drive into the cove where this man was to turn around, and I realized he had different messages on each side. The only other side I could read said, “Precious Jesus.”

Wow. What a powerful moment for me. What was his story? What had just happened to cause this grown man to fervently write this message to all who could see with such purpose? Had he just encountered the Savior and sat there in relief as all of his guilt was washed away?

I don’t know his story, but I know mine. And it left me wondering how many days I have complacently walked through this life not acknowledging how precious Jesus really is. How urgent the gospel message is. That one day a loving, but righteous, God will return and take His people home while those who have never accepted Christ and followed Him will be eternally sent to a place called Hell. That is the gospel in its simplest form. Jesus died for us. He loves us. We hear that part often, but the other part of the gospel message that seems to be muted is that those who die apart from Christ will go to Hell and have no second chance for redemption. Urgency. Yes, the gospel message is urgent. And Jesus is totally precious! He is the key and the only way!

I thank this man for reminding me that this week. It has been such a powerful moment that I’ve had tears just retelling the story. It’s the very thing I want others to feel as they encounter my Savior through the Power Plant. The Power Plant guest house is only a platform, a place, for God to meet women boldly right where they’re at. To see how precious He really is. It doesn’t matter if they’re churched, affluent, or purple. Hear me…there’s nothing particularly special about The Power Plant apart from Jesus…it’s Jesus who is precious, and without Him all of this is for nothing.

Join me in praying for bold encounters through this ministry and for each guest who stays at The Power Plant (and for completion of the house). May we all pause and ponder the preciousness of our salvation each day and act boldly and unashamedly with gratitude. The time is at hand, and none of us are guaranteed tomorrow.

Unashamedly His,

Andrea Gehrett

Will you spread the word?

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Dear friends,

Progress is happening at The Power Plant’s Guest House. We had many visitors at our open house, and we are deeply grateful for all who have helped and shown interest. What we need now is for you and your friends to share our video updates and the Project Plan (see below) with people who are mission-minded and love projects like this. The sooner we raise the funds to complete this project the sooner we can serve women in need. Please watch the video, and we thank you for your support!

For His glory,

Andrea Gehrett

Power Plant Guest House Project Plan:

Please don’t forget to click the following link to view the file and share with others!

power plant project plan

Why is our mission to plant seeds of hope in women?

“Be kindly affectionate to one another with brotherly love, in honor giving preference to one another; not lagging in diligence, fervent in spirit, serving the Lord; rejoicing in hope, patient in tribulation, continuing steadfastly in prayer; distributing to the needs of the saints, given to hospitality.”  Romans 12:10-13

The prayer for our ministry is to lead women from burnout to the power of Christ.

“Now may the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, that you may abound in hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.”  Romans 15:13

Open House

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Please come to our open house this Sunday, January 6th!

Tour The Power Plant’s new house at 4738 Highway 51 North, Senatobia, MS 38668. See the renovations that have begun and hear my ideas for the rest of the planned updates.

We will have open house from 1:00 – 5:00. This is a come-and-go event. You can stay four minutes or four hours…coffee will be served. I hope to see you then!



Muddy Pride

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A big storm came through Halloween night. My husband had just left to go out of town, and I was banking on a quiet evening at home with my daughter.

Just before the storm began, our two dogs took advantage of a golden opportunity to charge past my legs as I unsuspectingly opened the front door. Off they went across the pasture playing together and blissfully ignoring my call for them to come back. They did stop for a split second to turn around and look at me, and then they kept charging ahead into the woods that surround us.

They’ve done this before (without permission, of course), but each time they made their way back home safely. They surely had no idea a big storm would begin minutes after their escape and drop buckets of water on us for hours into the night.

My daughter and I stood post for hours, one on the front porch and one on the back porch, with flood lights on and yelling for them to come back. I was hoping the beacon of light would bring them back in…but it didn’t. Our voices faded with the pounding rain and probably wasn’t heard much further than our porches.

There are no roads where they went, so I had no choice but to wait out the storm and hope they would be on the porch in the morning. There were several times I woke during the night with some random sound only to be disappointed that our fur babies were not sitting there whining to come in. Silence.

The next day as a friend of mine was praying with me over their return, my phone rang the second she spoke, “Amen.” The caller did in fact find the older dog, Moses, a couple of miles from our home. She was able to track me down by calling our vet and using the rabies identification number on his tag. I was grateful to go get him that afternoon but disheartened that our younger four-month-old pup, Buck, was not with him. Somehow and somewhere they separated on their journey. If only Moses could talk.

I spent the next couple of days taping posters to the nearby stop signs and knocking on neighboring doors with flyers in hand. We live in a remote area of the county where houses are few and far in between. There are literally thousands of acres of undisturbed land around us, that is of course, except by mother nature.

Being out here has made me realize even more than ever that water is a powerful force with potential for great destruction. The landscape of ravines surrounding us proves this point. You could drop a whole neighborhood in some of these ditches and even the rooftops would disappear. So, when Buck went missing, my mind instantly thought of the dangerous ditches with steep walls and raging waters from the storm. 

Yesterday, I was resolved to go out and seek out my lost pup. The waters have already receded so walking the ditch was very doable. After a cup of coffee at first daylight and time spent thoughtfully stocking my backpack, hope led me into the trenches. I had charted my course the night before by downloading a hunting app that showed property boundaries and GPS coordinates using satellite imaging.  With this app and my compass available, I was ready to go get Buck. I had dogfood packed and if I found him injured, I had what was needed to haul him back home.

Four hours passed, and after wading through sandy, wet creek beds I found the end of our ditch. Luckily, I had enough cell signal to see where I was at on the map and to know how to proceed. Our ditch was only one of many that fed into a much larger river bed.

I had been praying for wisdom and discernment as well as for protection, because I knew there were water moccasins in that ditch and I had just seen a coyote the day before. To top it off, pit bulls are prominent in our area and gnashing teeth had chased me back into my car by a not-so-hospitable pit the day before when I handed out flyers. Thankfully, all I saw was a drove of peaceful turkeys on my hike.

Nevertheless, when I started into the seemingly empty river bed, each step felt more unstable. About twenty steps in and red flags were waving on the inside. This is not safe. It’s like quicksand. Turn around. Whatever lied ahead was not meant for me to see.

When I finally made it back to the house, my neighbor who had joined in on the search of the surrounding area pulled up on a four-wheeler. I debriefed him about my morning and that I found no signs of Buck. He asked if I wanted to search another large ditch in the opposite direction closer to his family’s land. Although I was exhausted, I said yes. I didn’t want to leave this search with any regret.

For the next hour I repeated the same process but in a different ditch. I told my neighbor the course I’d take and where we would meet back up. After about another hour of this, I found myself stopping in the middle of the ditch. It was so quiet you could hear a pin drop. For the first time since Buck’s disappearance, I felt an overwhelming sense of despair coming over me. What I realized is that there are many ravines that split off of the few that I traveled. It felt impossible to search them all. There are thousands of acres for a young pup to encounter danger in the darkness of night and in a deafening storm. It’s a vast wilderness.

I stopped. The tears came, and I asked the Lord, “Am I a fool to keep looking?” I know some people must think I’ve lost my mind to be doing what I’m doing. By all appearances and by the world’s standards, the first 48 hours are the most critical to find someone (pup) that is missing. And we are past that point already. It’s been cold at night and more rain has sprinkled on us. If he has been injured, the cold surely would have caused shock by now. And what about the coyotes or vicious pits roaming at will? He wouldn’t stand a chance. And then there’s the random passerby on our country roads who might see a means to cash in on a dog with such a pedigree. ALL of these realities have certainly crossed my mind. And they circled back around to me in that moment in the ditch.

But what you don’t know are the things I’ve asked of the Lord. I know all these dangers. But I also know my God. Even if my pup was torn to shreds in the dark, I know my God could resurrect him and send him home. I know that’s a crazy thought for some. But don’t we serve the same God who brought life to dry bones and raised up Lazarus from his dead rotten stench-filled carcass? Why couldn’t God do the same now? The answer is…He can.  I absolutely believe He can. I don’t need to eyewitness it to believe it. And so I’ve asked for it. But in my asking of a miracle I realized that there was a period of waiting, at least as far as Lazarus was concerned. Jesus wanted his body to be unquestionably dead so that His resurrecting power was unmistakable. You see, that way He gets all the credit and glory for such a wonderful thing. I may have to wait longer for Buck’s return.

In the ditch, I had a crisis of faith and couldn’t go any further. I wrestled with my pride and wondered what people thought of me. Was I a fool? I’ve been called one before for my faith. No doubt about that. All it took was a seed of doubt for the enemy to get in my head and tell me how irresponsible I was for letting this happen. It’s the same old story I’ve heard before…I’m not worthy. Yes, that’s the lie the devil likes to whisper in my ear. But thanks be to God that all of those lies were negated the moment they were presented. Jesus’s response in my soul was, “What about Noah? Didn’t he spend years building a boat in a place that had never rained? People though he was crazy. What about Abraham? Didn’t he set out for a land and not know the destination? People thought he was crazy too. And what about Moses? Didn’t he lead the Israelites to the edge of an impassable sea with an angry Egyptian army fast on their heels? The people thought he was crazy and not worthy too. But these were all servants who walked by faith and not by sight.”

It was settled. I may look crazy for still believing that Buck will come home, and that’s okay. In reality, it may happen, and it may not. God doesn’t have to grant my request. But either way, I can’t help but believe that it pleases God to know that I truly believe He CAN do the impossible.

I had to come to the end of me. I’ve done everything humanly possible to find Buck. But since I asked for a miracle, I have to get out of the way and let Him work. Even if it requires the dreaded wait.

God’s favor is upon me, because the moment I swallowed my pride and set it all at His feet, I heard my neighbor’s four-wheeler in the field above. That wasn’t even the route for him to be on, but I heard him and tried scrambling up the vertical edge of the ditch. I did slide down a few times but was finally able to grab hold of a small root near the top and hoist myself up the muddy embankment. I pushed through the thorns and at that exact point in the field he turned off the machine and heard me call out his name.   

God will never leave us in a state of despair. His hope and His presence are the healing balm that keeps us moving forward in this journey. I do ask you pray with me that Buck returns home safely. And I can’t help but ask myself, and you too, “Will your faith continually take you to the ends of the earth and into the trenches regardless of what the world thinks of you?” It’s a question I have to keep asking so that I stay grounded. Perhaps you have a relationship barely holding on by a frayed thread. Perhaps you have a wayward child with a darkened mind who offers no hope of change. Perhaps you have an opportunity to pursue a new adventure, one in which God is leading. The world will surely tell you one thing, but what will God’s word and your faith in Him tell you? As scary as it all may seem, one thing is certain, God will be in the trenches with you wherever you go.

Thank you for reading this longer post and praying with me for a miraculous return. I believe in the power of prayer! (Psalm 86:17)
Keeping heart and faith,
Andrea Gehrett