Respite care is just around the corner.


The Power Plant has purchased a home to serve as a hub for meetings and respite care. We are currently raising funds to renovate the property. Please join our financial support team to help restore this old treasure.


Take a Virtual Tour

It is difficult for some people to grasp the potential a home may have and envision the finished product. If you are one of those people, no worries! This page is designed to help you see our vision through pictures. We will walk you through various rooms of the existing guest house and show contrasting photos of what it will look like after renovations are complete. Ready to catch the vision?

Meet our little blue house!

Here you will see what the guest house currently looks like and some ideas for giving it an inexpensive face-lift.

***Pssst….Don’t forget that the virtual tour includes images of homes already restored. We use those images only to give you an idea of what our home can look like. The top images in each collage are of our guest house, and the the idea pics will be at the bottom.

The Exterior


The Living Room

Through the front door is the living room.

living room.jpg

The Dining Room

From the living room is an arched opening leading to the small dining room. The walkway from the living room to the kitchen hugs the exterior wall. Here are our thoughts to maximize this space.

dining room.jpg

The Kitchen

This room has some neat features like an original drainboard sink. This will be incorporated into the final design. The original stove is no longer in the house, but the chimney flue still exists and has been painted over. While custom cabinetry will cover this feature in order to adorn the freestanding fridge and range, we will show you the how the upper portion of the chimney will be like jewelry when we get to the attic.


The Bedrooms

This two-bedroom cottage offers the perfect place for a weekend getaway. Since this will be a guest house and not a place of residence, the existing master closet will be reconfigured and turned into a sitting room where one can spend quality time reading, praying, crafting, napping….you get the picture!

sitting room.jpg

The Bathroom

Bathroom…yes, that is a singular word. And it needs a major overhaul. There’s not many ways to redesign this little shotgun bathroom without drastically changing the already tight and cozy floorpan. So here are our thoughts.


The Attic

Typically an attic isn’t on the radar for renovation, but upon inspection we noticed some great features that would easily expand our square footage. First, there is plenty of head room to expand. Second, the attic already has wood plank flooring. Sanding and finishing is all they need. Other surprises include some insulation that’s already been installed, and a set of windows matching the original wood casement windows downstairs. The windows were discovered only from the attic (not pictured), because they have been cosmetically covered by an exterior vent on the front of the house above the awning. Further, the chimney in the attic extending from the kitchen just makes a cool feature to build around. Who doesn’t love exposed brick?

Our thoughts in expanding the attic are to build a bunk room (and a second bathroom!) which will accommodate many guests. Since this house will be a hub for many women’s activities, factoring in weekend retreats is a must. The biggest challenge? How to get upstairs! There is only one way to do that without robbing floor space from the other rooms below or blocking mandatory exits, and that is in a central hallway. We measured and there is an exact amount of space needed to build a stairwell.


The Office

There will be times when the guest house is occupied for respite care, but that won’t stop The Power Plant from hosting meetings. Guests will be undisturbed as other activities continue in the adjacent building. The old shed will need to be torn down, but the footers on the old foundation will make rebuilding an office in its place a breeze.

The driveway on the side of the house has two points of entry which has dual functionality. It will be suitable for guests of the house and the office at the same time.


This concludes the online tour of our new guest home. Although there are many more features and ideas we could have shown, we hope this is enough to give you the vision!

Our Appeal To You

Our new ministry is off to a great start. And it is a miracle that the funding was in place to have a property so soon…praise the Lord! However, we cannot begin any of the renovations until the money is raised to cover the cost of the materials. Through generous commitments of skilled family and friends, most of the labor will be donated or drastically discounted. We are seeking $20,000 for the above renovations. Some of it has already come in (a heartfelt thank you to those donors!), but we have a long way to go. Will you please help us meet our goal? Will you share the vision with others? We need YOU. Please click to give online.


If you prefer to give via check instead of giving electronically online, please make your gift payable to The Power Plant and mail it to our secure mailing address:

The Power Plant
PO Box 575
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The Power Plant is a registered 501(c)(3), and all gifts are tax deductible. We thank you for your support!