Andrea Gehrett

Hello! I am the founder of The Power Plant ministry, and I’d love to connect up!

Welcome to The Power Plant! I’m Andrea, and I founded this ministry because I am passionate about being a conduit of grace and charging women’s faith. I believe a life lived to its fullest is one grounded in the power of Christ.

This page is to give you the 30,000 foot view of me – the one writing the material you read on this site. It’s important to me that you know who I am and what I believe so that you know from which perspective I write. Please see also the statement of doctrinal beliefs.

By profession I was trained to be a CPA, but left public accounting years ago to pursue ministry & missions. I have been fortunate to travel & experience many of God’s cultures. I served for a decade doing global missions & orphan care until God called me into women’s ministry.

God’s Word is my passion.

I teach several women’s groups, & currently focus on local missions. Much of my time has been spent either serving caregivers of special-needs children or women in a half-way house coming out of incarceration and battling addiction. My addiction is seeing God work miracles in broken vessels. I never get tired of seeing the grace of God redeem a life – beauty from ashes.

I am blessed to come from a long line of prayer warriors, with an amazing husband, three children, & a rural patch of land to find sanctuary & rest in His Word. I love adventure, my Labrador Retrievers, goats, the fall, craft fairs, antique shops, a good mystery, & authentic relationship. I adore the beauty & splendor of the mountains, but am homegrown in the land of cotton, Mississippi. My hair is often a mess & what you see is what you get – absolutely no pretense! I’m a die-hard do-it-yourselfer with the determination of Job. I love renovation, woodworking, design, and the freedom to use the creativity God granted me.

Through these gifts & life lessons learned, I bring to you resources in The Power Plant with the desire that you too will learn to trust the Master, crave to hear His voice, & see His beauty everywhere.

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