Let Us Put on the Armor of Light

We are passionate about being conduits of grace and charging women’s faith, because we believe a life lived to its fullest is one grounded in the power of Christ.

We are a Christian ministry serving women weary from struggle. We offer support to those physically, emotionally, or spiritually exhausted.

We brighten our community in three simple ways:

  • By meeting tangible needs of struggling women through our anonymous benevolence fund – The Armor of Light.
  • By plugging women into a support group – the Power Grid networks women together through hospitality, hope, and a holistic application of God’s Word.
  • By offering online resources to energize the Christian faith – amp up at The Charging Station.

Our mission…to be conduits of grace.

Discipleship begins with a believer’s decision to walk with Christ. From there, believers are commanded to cast off works of darkness and to put on the armor of light. Through obedience, decisions are made to be intentional and to look more like Jesus…to walk in His love…to walk in His light…and to be His hands and feet to those in need (Ephesians 5).

His greatest commandment is to love your neighbor.

We believe God is most glorified when tangible acts of kindness are performed in anonymity, the gospel is shared, and He is given credit for meeting a person’s need. This doesn’t negate the importance of relationship building or discipling by His people, but sometimes the perfect stranger simply needs to know that God sees them and cares! This is the sole purpose of our Armor of Light outreach initiative.

Keeping Christ as the central focus instead of the person performing His good work prepares one’s heart to receive the gift of salvation and to have her faith energized.

Do you know of a woman in desperate need? Let us help you by being the conduit to anonymously meet a need and give God the glory.

Our commitment is to steward your nomination and donation to the best of our ability for the woman in need. If we are not able to perform your request, we will communicate that to you. Matching grants may be available upon request but are not guaranteed.

Looking for support? The core of our ministry is to facilitate up close and personal relationships with the women we serve. Our support groups meet regularly and gather around the table, sometimes with a meal and sometimes with an activity… but always with heartfelt conversation around the topic at hand. We encourage our ladies to be fully present and participate with rare, but refreshing, honesty.

We aim to group women with others who are struggling with like circumstances. We learn from each other. We encourage one another. Community is vital.

Currently, the only support group we have open to the public is our caregiver support group. Due to the pandemic, we meet virtually through Zoom. Please join us! Click the link below to learn more.

At times, we do offer 1:1 coaching. Women experiencing divorce most commonly request this type of support.

Because we are a small ministry, it isn’t feasible for us to minister to the masses through personal support groups or extensive coaching. Support services are subject to availability.


Journey through our prayer cottage resources as you intentionally sit in solitude, self-reflect, and seek the Lord.


Life is full of tough questions. Using God’s Word, sift through topical discussions and visual aids to discover what you believe.


Looking to dig deep into God’s Word? Study alone or with a group of friends. These materials are designed to provoke thought.


Please use the form below. Your submission will go directly to our virtual office and we will respond to you as soon as possible.

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Interested in knowing more about our ministry including how we began, what we’re passionate about, and the beliefs we stand on?

Group Hours:

Support For Caregivers Meets via Zoom on alternating Wednesdays, 6:30pm.


The Power Plant PO Box 575 Senatobia, Mississippi 38668

1:1 Coaching:

Limited spots available. Contact us for more information.