Invest with us. Together we can make a difference.

The Power Plant Vision

To see women thriving and authentically being who God has made them to be while bountifully and joyfully doing what God has made them to do.

The Power Plant Mission

To serve women surviving burnout by extending hospitality, planting seeds of hope, and teaching them to be grounded in the power of Christ.

Our non-profit conducts powerful change by providing free respite care, resources, and guidance to women in need.

Did you know that a conductor is defined as any material where electric current can flow freely? Here at The Power Plant, our donors and volunteers are valuable conductors making a powerful impact into others’ lives. Each gift is plugged into our circuit and used in one of three ways: our support group, respite care at our guest house, or our overall ministry health. We would be honored if you join our circuit and help us brighten our community!