Fundraising through social media.

Together we can make a difference.

Can you imagine having a special needs child and not having a single day off from your caregiving responsibilities in 25 years?

Burnout is the reality for many of the caregivers in The Power Plant’s support system. Their need for respite care is only amplified when physical and emotional fatigue are added to the never-ending challenges of caregiving. We’ve been there, and we understand. That is why we are passionate about giving hope back to the caregiver! 

What is the

Hope to the Caregiver


The Hope to the Caregiver Challenge is a fundraiser to help with final renovations to our guest house which was purchased for the sole purpose of gifting a private, no-cost, respite retreat to women and caregivers in need.

We are seeking $12,500 to complete renovations.

Our challenge to you is simple…will you step into their shoes for just a moment, have compassion, and click to give?

You can join our cause, spread the word, and help us fundraise through your friends on social media. It’s so easy to do. Let us walk you through it!


Take a look at what we’ve already accomplished at the guest house. Watch our video update!