Update: Phase 1 Completion


Did you know that there are caregivers in our support group who didn’t have a single day off from their caregiving responsibilities in over 25 YEARS…until someone cared enough to change that?!

The stories are real. The people are real. And so is the struggle. That is why we are so passionate about getting our respite care guest house up and running as soon as possible. We have women on standby ready for a break!

See what we’ve accomplished so far, and how you can still join our cause. Please watch our video update.

Phase One of the structural and mechanical guest house renovations is essentially complete, and we are ready to begin Phase Two. Up until now we have done major repairs and upgrades to protect our investment. The next phase will be mostly cosmetic changes…the attractive part that catches most people’s attention!

If you didn’t get to join us in Phase One, it’s not to late to join us in Phase Two! We need YOU to help us meet our aggressive goal of completing the guest house by July 1, but we can’t do it without your contributions and without you sharing our posts with your church, friends, and family. Thank you in advance for your support!


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  1. So excited to see what has been done so far. We continue to pray for you and the ministry God has given you!!


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