Hello Autumn

Hello Autumn! The holiday spirit is in the air and soon to be upon us…Fall Break, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Christmas.

In the nonprofit world and somewhere sandwiched in between all of the ribbons, festivities, and chaos is a single day, the Tuesday after Thanksgiving, dedicated solely for charitable giving…it’s called Giving Tuesday. It’s on this day and at this time of year when nonprofits like The Power Plant make their last appeals towards your generosity….and the extra cash while you still have it!
Last year, we did not make a formal appeal to you for a year-end gift. This year we are asking if you would consider making a meaningful donation to The Power Plant…perhaps one equivalent in value to a couple of spiced lattes? Or one equivalent in value to those cute boots you’ve had your eye on? Maybe an amount even larger that you would like to spend…well, differently this year?

Whatever amount you can afford and are willing to give will be whole-heartedly received, and we guarantee it will be a worthy investment.  

Thank you for following us on this journey and supporting the work that we do. We are truly grateful.

Blessings and warmest greetings to you and your family!
Andrea Gehrett

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