All in Time

All in time. His time, not mine. As far as the guest house project goes, I have to repeatedly remind myself of that fundamental truth as my natural racehorse tendency is to want to cross the finish Time seems to stand still as it relates to construction progress but break the sound barrier as... Continue Reading →

Update: Phase 1 Completion

  Did you know that there are caregivers in our support group who didn't have a single day off from their caregiving responsibilities in over 25 YEARS...until someone cared enough to change that?! The stories are real. The people are real. And so is the struggle. That is why we are so passionate about getting... Continue Reading →


Unashamed…that’s the word that has powerfully resonated with me this week. Typically, I’m a faithful church-goer, not because I like to check-the-box and feel good about myself through regular attendance, but rather because I cherish God’s people and the value they add to my life through sound teaching and accountability. I didn’t go to church... Continue Reading →

Will you spread the word?

Dear friends, Progress is happening at The Power Plant's Guest House. We had many visitors at our open house, and we are deeply grateful for all who have helped and shown interest. What we need now is for you and your friends to share our video updates and the Project Plan (see below) with people... Continue Reading →

Open House

Please come to our open house this Sunday, January 6th! Tour The Power Plant's new house at 4738 Highway 51 North, Senatobia, MS 38668. See the renovations that have begun and hear my ideas for the rest of the planned updates. We will have open house from 1:00 - 5:00. This is a come-and-go event.... Continue Reading →

Muddy Pride

A big storm came through Halloween night. My husband had just left to go out of town, and I was banking on a quiet evening at home with my daughter. Just before the storm began, our two dogs took advantage of a golden opportunity to charge past my legs as I unsuspectingly opened the front... Continue Reading →

Meet Buck

Meet Buck. He’s a three-month-old Labrador Retriever. A water dog. Part of who he is and what he’s made to do is to enjoy the water. But even if his instincts tell him to dive right in, he has no experience, until now, with a deep pool of water. His gut tells him to go,... Continue Reading →

Off the Radar

My passions lie in ministry work. While my focus is typically doing for others, my husband and I decided to do something really big for ourselves. We decided to build a house. That phrase has taken on new meaning, because when most people say they are building a house that usually equates to stroking a... Continue Reading →

On the Horizon

Did you know it is estimated that 75% of caregivers are women? The Power Plant’s first year was a success, and over time I loved seeing our group mesh on a more intimate level. Some of my highlights were when I was able to facilitate and witness a respite break for one caregiver who hasn’t... Continue Reading →

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