Off the Radar

My passions lie in ministry work. While my focus is typically doing for others, my husband and I decided to do something really big for ourselves. We decided to build a house. That phrase has taken on new meaning, because when most people say they are building a house that usually equates to stroking a check at various points during construction. No judgement, because I’ve done it before too. But this time, we literally built our house. We sold our last house nearly two years ago, and it’s been quite a journey as we have jumped many hurdles on the way to victory. It took much longer than anticipated, but God has shown us much in the wait. His timing is always perfectly planned. I can’t say that I’ve always appreciated the wait (blood, sweat, and tears too!), but in hind sight I can always see His fingerprints on a season that doesn’t seem to align with my original hopes and expectations.

No, I didn’t intentionally go off radar all these months; I simply found myself committed to a project until its completion. After we would get off work, then our other work would begin, and sometimes late into the night. I keep saying that I’ve learned to breathe under water as some of the days have been completely overwhelming. “How ironic?” I’ve thought. I have a ministry to combat burnout. It stems from a piece of my own personal story, but yet human nature propels me to certain old habits, and one is to gravitate towards taking on too much. I am reminded of how important it is to be selective in the things we say “yes” to. I’m also reminded that it’s easy to lose sight of the forest for the trees and that’s when we most need to step back, take a deep breath, and count our many blessings….because there really are lots of them to count. They say its difficult to feel anxiety or stress when we have a heart of gratitude and literally name the things we are grateful for.

One truth has remained and always will…Jesus has been my source of strength, hope, and encouragement. I have found complete joy in Him even when I feel like I am about to grow gills from breathing under water.  And that’s when I realize…I am breathing…under water. He will always be with me, above or below the water…and He ain’t going to let me drown! Ever. He will gently bring us back up to the surface where its safe. Let us find our complete joy in Him today and realize that He is the oxygen that keeps us going!

A BIG shout-out to my husband for the work he has poured into our home. It is priceless. It has been a labor of love. It hasn’t come without sacrifice, aches, or pains. I am so proud of you and the home you built for us. Thank you!

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