On the Horizon

Did you know it is estimated that 75% of caregivers are women?

The Power Plant’s first year was a success, and over time I loved seeing our group mesh on a more intimate level. Some of my highlights were when I was able to facilitate and witness a respite break for one caregiver who hasn’t had a single day away from her caregiving responsibilities in over 20 years. I was also able to see one mom face her fears on a roller coaster soaring above the Smokey Mountains with feet dangling in the air and with eyes wide open. Laughter. A brief reprieve. And lots of little moments in between to encourage ladies to take hold of the oxygen line that keeps us going…Jesus. That is why I do this.

Sometimes it’s all the little steps along the way that form a mountain of impact in someone else’ life. Please don’t give up on doing the little things. You never know how it’s being used in your sphere of influence.

On the horizon are a few new projects for The Power Plant. We will continue running our weekly support group at Second Presbyterian Church which coincides with their special-needs ministry. There children are loved and cared for with excellence. Our newer projects will focus on monthly speaking/dinner events at multiple locations which will allow us to expand our reach. We will also be advocating for special-needs ministries to be formed in areas where they don’t exist. This group has taught me that some cultures respond to caring for special individuals differently, or not at all. So, I feel like I have been given clarity and a directive to pursue this lead. I don’t want to be another program on a lengthy list of activities offered at a healthy church. There’s nothing wrong with that and it warms my heart to see certain churches thrive, but our mission must take us to where the real needs are. And right now, there are countless caregivers who haven’t had a break or an ounce of encouragement in over 20 years. We just have to look for them. Correlating our work with special-needs ministries and offering respite care is crucial. After all, The Power Plant can’t effectively serve these ladies if their minds aren’t at ease knowing their caregiving responsibilities are competently being taken over by someone else while engaged with The Power Plant.

Are you looking for ways to help? Please utilize our website to engage in volunteer opportunities and to give financial resources. We can’t carry out our mission without either of these from the community. Please help us to plant seeds of hope and to remind these ladies to be grounded in the power of Christ.

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